What is Jeff Hays Film Partners?

JH Film Partners was borne from the idea beyond overwhelmingly high demand for Jeff’s latest films. He is inviting a select few to participate in his newest venture with him. JH Film Partners is about providing like minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with Jeff on his most successful films to date. As a partner, you will be provided with the opportunity to both grow your business and raise awareness about important social issues. This is a limited time opportunity only given to individuals personally chosen by Jeff, those who he believes will be most likely to succeed.

Who Is Jeff Hays?

Jeff Hays is a serial entrepreneur and filmmaker with a long colorful history of visionary projects. In the mid-nineties he started Capstone Entertainment, a film and television production and distribution company. Within its first year the company generated over $10 million in revenue and received numerous awards in the children’s programming category. The companies he’s founded have collectively raised over $100 million in capital through both private investors and VCs. Recently he’s also launched several wildly successful crowd-funding campaigns, in addition to personally funding several ventures.

Who is Kathryn Merritt?

Those who know Jeff, likely know Kat as well. Should you be chosen, Kat will be your liaison for this project. Kat, who has been Jeff’s behind the scenes go-to person for over a decade, has also been the go-to person for several multi-million dollar companies. She has helped created and grow over 20 companies in her career. She has partnered with Jeff on numerous projects, and is spearheading JH Film Partners.